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What we also offer

This webshop offers you a wide choice of card personalization printers for issuing small to medium-large numbers of ID cards, loyalty cards, access controll badges, etc.. However, if you are actually looking for large scale card personalisation solutions or for special software applications for being able to issue and manage plastic cards, we can almost certainly help as well. The same counts e.g. if you want to outsorce your card productions.

Needless to say that these are not products that you can simply put in your shopping cart for check-out on a webshop. That would be ideal perhaps, but capital-intensive products and services require a different sort of advice and sales approach. Divided into a number of segments and with brief descriptions, you will find below some of the offerings that we can supply as well. If you would like to know more - and we hope you do - please contact us and we’ll take it from there!

Industrial card issuance

Datacard supplies the most popular solutions for the large-scale issuance of plastic cards. Industrial equipment with a modular design that give users the opportunity to configure a machine precisely according their needs. This also allows to grow with future expansions. Naturally, all associated card personalization technologies are available. Used by virtually every company and government entity issuing high volumes of cards, it is very likely that the majority of the cards in your wallet or purse have started life on one of our Datacard systems.

Card mailing equipment

When planning to issue high volumes of personalised plastic cards, the question arises; “How do we get all these bank/insurance/loyalty cards to the card holders?” There is a wide range of Datacard mailing systems to choose from that can answer this question with a simple solution. Systems that can either be configured in-line with a personalization machine or can be used as stand-alone system. In both cases they can print a carrier, fix a card to it and then insert this mail package (including additional letters) into an envelope. Ready for dispatch and in your customer’s letterbox in no time at all. Furthermore, these personalised mail items also provide you with a powerful marketing tool.

Passport personalisation equipment

Nowadays official ID's are mostly issued in the form of a secure plastic document. This can be a card or a passport booklet containing a plastic holder page. A complete range of passport systems can be supplied for personalising the latter type. These systems are capable of opening a booklet fully automatically, leaving to the holder page, applying personal details by laser engraving and loading electronic (biometric) data into a chip. Also available as desk-top version for decentralised issuance and personalisation with ink-jet.


Software covers a wide range of different types of products, all of which individually provide solutions for issuing and processing plastic cards. A couple of examples will help to illustrate. Large service bureaus often need software for managing their production facilities in the form of processing incoming data, distributing work over various machines, managing stocks, etc.. Work-flow solutions provide the answers for these requirements.

Another example involves the use of smart cards. Issuing such cards requires specialist (cryptographic) knowledge, especially for high value applications. Datacard software solutions make it possible to easily generate data and personalise cards and to manage them in a ‘post-issuance’ environment. Finally, two examples of comprehensive solutions that can be provided for collecting, verifying and managing card-holder data and also solutions for personalising cards and other objects on location, including for example, MicroSD and NFC chips.


Even if you do not want to issue plastic cards yourself, but would rather outsource the personalisation and distribution (or partly outsource them), we can offer our services. Using large industrial system and within an ISO and ETSI certified environment, we personalise all sorts of plastic cards for a wide range of customers and applications. This goes from simple loyalty cards, right through to high value PKI smart cards, for which we can also supply the preprinted cards. Moreover, we can also implement other processes on your behalf in addition to our personalisation services. This includes, whether or not in collaboration with our partners, help-desk facilities, services for capturing large volumes of passport photos, as well as various distribution concepts (personal card deliveries direct to home addresses).

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